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Gajser Closing On Title

Gajser gets 1-2 and wins

Posted on July 07, 2019

HRC rider Tim Gajser has won the GP of Indonesia with 1-2 results and extended his points lead over Antonio Cairoli and Jeremy Seewer.  Second overall was Romain Febvre and third Jeremy Seewer.

“I had an amazing jump out of the gate and was leading then I made a mistake and Roman and Jeremy passed me, but I got Jeremy back, but didn’t even push for Roman, he was too far ahead.

With Antonio Cairoli ruled out for the season, it is now Jeremy Seewer who is the closest competition to Gajser and the points gap is Tim Gajser 488 points and Jeremy Seewer 327pts. A massive 161 points.

Gajser once again controlled the start of the second MXGP moto, with Anstie down early and back to 10th place, his team-mate Monticelle also down and in 19th. Just to add more drama Tonus in trouble and unable to start his bike.

Febvre moved into second place after passing Seewer and Gajser extended his lead to more than two seconds. Top ten on lap two was Gajser, Febvre, Seewer, Paulin, Coldenhoff, Jasikonis, Bogers, Jonass, Anstie and Leok.

Gajser back in third place as Febvre and Seewer went past, but Gajser fought back to pass Seewer, although Febvre was long gone in first. Jasikonis went down, and after nine laps it was Febvre, Gajser, Seewer, Coldenhoff, Paulin, Jonass, Anstie, Bogers, Jasikonis and Van Horebeek.

Seewer was fighting hard to keep Coldenhoff off him as those two battled for third place. Coldenhoff into third and Anstie all over Paulin for fifth position. After 17 laps it was Febvre, Gajser, Coldenhoff, Seewer, Paulin, Anstie, Jonass, Bogers, Leok and Jasikonis. Febvre wins it from Gajser and Coldenhoff, but the HRC rider wins the GP.

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