The Works Connection Advantage!

What can an old champion like Chad Reed teach the mature (older) rider? How about where to go for a starting advantage! Call Works Connection for your Pro Launch Advantage.


Pro Launch Start Device

•engineered in US
•manufactured in US
•assembled in US
•packaged & shipped in US 


How Do You Develop Product...Go Racing!


MX goggles continue to evolve almost daily. New lenses, outriggers, new straps, new materials. Goggles just seem to be getting better and we all benefit. If you are old enough to remember the old Carerra's you realize how far goggles have come. They provide better vision, better protection, longer life and more style. What drives the evoloution? Well if you're Rich Taylor at EKS Brand you go racing and learn what works. The EKS Brand is one of the most complete line of goggles on the market today. Multiple styles,  multiple colors and a great price point. Tested at the track to ensure quality. Check'em out at





EKS Brand’s Richard Taylor won the 450 Pro class at REM.


RV Knows Protection...Atlas Brace!