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When Is Too Hot Too Hot?

Gettin’ Hot!!!

As the temperatures started to reach the 113* plus range in Arizona we decided it was time to head out for the cooler weather normally found on the summer tour of Idaho, Montana and Northern California. It has not worked out like I thought yet, it is smokin’ HOT Everywhere!

So the mobile ghetto got loaded with all the necessary equipment (toys), mountain bikes, off road motorcycles, dual sport bike, compound bow, shooting supplies and a few other odds and ends to make it a non-stop fun filled road tour. There was one thing missing, a bit hard to believe there was no motocross bike!  Not by choice mind you. I had sent my KX 450 suspension off to have a cryo-treating process done, since I had had the opportunity to try it on another bike and was thoroughly impressed. I figured 5 weeks would be enough time, oops, apparently not. So the show must go on or the Rolling Circus must Roll, however you say it. But think of the possibilities with an empty slot in the moto section………………  First stop, Helena Montana to visit MJ (Montana John).

We do a little riding, but only a little cause MJ doesn’t like the heat much and Helena is smokin’ hot for the locals. Jeez, it is all the way into the 90’s!!!!  I am thinking this is great and MJ is thinking he wants to stay in the shade with a cool beverage. This leaves me with too much time on my hands and I of course gravitate toward the motorcycle section on Craigslist. I figure I should start planning for the future, any moto guy can see this makes sense right? After all I just sold my 2013 KTM after 2 years with 18,000 miles on it. The first one was almost bulletproof so I replaced it with a 2014 almost new exact copy with just over 1000 miles on it in January.  The 2014 is already showing 7k on the odometer and who in their right mind would wait until the last minute. This ain’t Christmas shopping boys!

As it turns out there are several newer, low mileage, low time 500 xcw’s on Craigslist in the Montana area. Whaaaaaat!  I can’t believe my good fortune. So I whittle down the list to the most desirable 3 and start contacting the owners to take a look at these. I ended up buying the first one I looked at because it was a basically new 2016 with 396 miles on it!!!!  Poor guy hadn’t made it to the first oil change when he tipped over and dislocated his shoulder and had to have surgery to repair it. So he was not going to be needing it for almost a year, that made him more than happy to deal to get it gone. I was the proud new owner of a nearly new KTM 500 xcw. So now my problem of having an empty moto slot in my trailer is solved. That’s what I do, solve problems!

Along the way I was fortunate enough to meet and ride with the Legendary J.N. Roberts! For those of you that don’t remember J.N. he was an off road riding/racing hero waaaaay back in the day, with countless off-road wins on his resume. My mind sees J.N. on an iconic poster that Honda printed as an advertisement with him riding their new flagship the Honda XL 250 Motosport released in the 70’s. It was a single cylinder 250cc four stroke. I will always remember that photo with J.N. jumping the bike in the desert. What an honor to meet and be invited to ride on his 1400-acre ranch. It ended up being just him and I riding his cross country loop of about 20 miles. We, well I had a great time and stopped along the way to take in panoramic views and for him to show me his shooting area since he knew I liked to shoot. I would love to have a shooting gallery like his, with gongs and targets at all distances for rifles and handguns. We rode and messed around for a couple of hours before making our way back to his place. We said good bye and set up another ride a couple days later through the hills over to Lincoln for lunch and gas. By the way if anyone is wondering J.N. Roberts still hauls the mail and his bike of choice is a Beta 2 stroke.

A few more days of riding and visiting and we get hammered with an Earthquake! Lincoln, Montana is the center and is just over the hill from Helena. MJ and I ride there through the hills for lunch and gas. If you remember a ways back in time, Lincoln is where they caught the Unabomber. I found out where he had his cabin and did a ride by but everything has pretty much been erased to thwart looky loos like me. Anyway, the earthquake was in the middle of the night and felt just like someone had run into the mobile ghetto with a car. It seemed like a good time to move on, you know aftershocks and all.

So we fold up the big tent and head for Idaho, maybe it is cooler there.


‘of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt’

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