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WC ELITE CLUTCH                                                                                                                               

Here we go, motocross racing as opposed to field squid riding. I just completed my first MX race in OTMX after a five-year layoff from injury to the left hand. It was almost like starting over.  I got a bit of help from my WORKS CONNECTION ELITE clutch lever perch combo. This setup made my return to racing much easier and gave me the help I needed as I now have limited use of the left hand as opposed to before the injury.

I had never had to change my riding style or bike set up before due to physical limitations. Ok wise guys, I said ‘physical’ not “mental limitations”. I can feel you all laughing! That’s ok because I chuckle myself every time I get on the bike, just because I can! Life is Good!


So at my first race back at The International Old Timers MX series I was on a new bike, YZ 450f, and I had my new WC Perch on to help with my diminished clutch capabilities from the left hand. It was an absolute necessary upgrade! Besides being beautifully sculpted, more durable that anything on the market, it probably intimidated a lot of those other guys on the line. You know the guys on Brand X with the hydraulic clutches. Lol.

The smoothness of the lever and the clean pull made any handicap I felt almost disappear. I was even able to fine tune it after the first moto to let me chose the point of engagement for the injured and shorter fingers using the reach adjustment. Perfect! I rode 5 motos, never stalled the bike and got the “Holeshot” award in the second moto!  I have the “T-shirt” to prove it.

Even though I got the Holeshot in 3 out of 5 motos I ended up 2nd overall. One guy, Mark Kaestner, is just a bit too fast. I now have my work cut out for me. Maybe I should check with WORKS CONNECTION to see what other little trinkets they have that can make me FASTER!


‘No person’s eyesight was ever injured by looking on the bright side of things’




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