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MXGP Results Assen

Herlings wins Assen

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Jeffrey Herlings is really dominating the MXGP class at the moment as he went 1-1 for the victory at his home Grand Prix, at the MotoGP circuit in Assen. It is the fifth overall win in the last six weeks (including his AMA National overall).

The Dutchman, who has won the GP of Lommel, GP of Switzerland, GP of USA and now GP of Assen is possibly riding better than ever. Second overall was Romain Febvre with 4-3 and third overall was Max Anstie with 2-4. Antonio Cairoli went 2-6 after crashing in the second moto.

Jeffrey Herlings: It’s been a really good one,” Herlings said. “We won both motos, first one was tough, had a bad start. Second one we made some changes and it was really good. Thanks to KTM for putting such a good bike these last races. I just missed the boat this season, but I want to win again in France and go to des Nations. I basically won all the sand races this year, apart from Ottobiano when I was sick. I am veery happy about my weekend, won qualification, and two motos. Great birthday present for Tuesday.

Romain Febvre: I was third all the moto but got passed by Max Anstie on the finish lap. I made a mistake and just wanted to get points to get on the podium. I was fourth, and closed the gap to second, I thought I could pass Max Nagl, but I couldn’t. One round to go, but we are happy where we are.

Max Anstie: It was tough, this track was one of the toughest I have ridden, like a beach race. It was so soft. I did what I could. I came from 8th or 9th in the first moto. Making progress and nice to be on the box.

Nagl led the second MXGP moto ahead of Febvre, Lupino, Van Horebeek, Herlings, Strijbos, Cairoli, Anstie, Paulin, and Kullas.

After a lap and Herlings was into second, then into first by lap two. Herlings pace is just ridiculous. After two laps it was Herlings, Nagl, Van Horebeek, Febvre, Anstie, Cairoli, Paulin, Strijbos, Lupino and Leok in 10th. Searle out of the race and Coldenhoff 25th after going down in the second corner. Searle out of the race with a bruised ankle.

Cairoli pushed past Anstie for sixth place, and the lead by Herlings was four seconds after four laps.

Cairoli on a mission as he passed Van Horebeek, then Febvre and was onto Nagl for second. Herlings lead was 10 seconds after seven laps.

Herlings extended his lead to 15 seconds after nine laps, then Nagl, Cairoli, Febvre, Van Horebeek, Anstie, Paulin, Strijbos, Lupino and Leok.

Not a lot happening in the middle of the moto, as Herlings continues to lead by 15 seconds to Nagl, Cairoli, Febvre, Van Horebeek, Anstie, Strijbos, Paulin, Lupino, and Leok.

Herlings clocked off some quick lap times and was suddenly 23 seconds ahead of Nagl, with Herlings 27 seconds back. Leok passed Lupino for ninth place and Kullas also past the Italian.

Anstie pushing for a top four in the moto and also for a podium finish. The British rider was all over Van Horebeek, and Febvre was also close. After 18 laps Herlings lead was 32 seconds, and then Cairoli went down and passed by Febvre, Anstie and Van Horebeek. The crash also took Cairoli off the podium, as Herlings wins the moto the GP.

MXGP – Overall Classification

1 84 Herlings, Jeffrey NED KNMV KTM 25 25 50
2 461 Febvre, Romain FRA FFM YAM 18 20 38
3 99 Anstie, Max GBR ACU HUS 20 18 38
4 222 Cairoli, Antonio ITA FMI KTM 22 15 37
5 12 Nagl, Maximilian GER DMSB HUS 11 22 33
6 22 Strijbos, Kevin BEL FMB SUZ 16 14 30
7 21 Paulin, Gautier FRA MCM HUS 13 13 26
8 7 Leok, Tanel EST EMF HUS 12 12 24
9 777 Bobryshev, Evgeny RUS MFR HON 14 7 21
10 259 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KNMV KTM 15 6 21

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