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Legends of MXDN

Roger DeCoster – MXoN Legend


Team USA rider Jeff Ward and Jeff Smith of Team Great Britain have won the prestigious Motocross des Nations more than any other rider in the history of the event, with seven victories each.

Iif you combine both MXoN (500cc) and Trophee des Nations (250cc), then you have Roger DeCoster standing tall as the greatest rider of these team events with a massive 16 wins in total.

Unfortunatly the Trophee des Nations ended in 1984, thus not giving riders like Ward, Smith, David Bailey, Stefan Everts or many others the chance to extend their team victories.

Roger DeCoster won an amazing 10 Trophee des Nations, and six MXoN victories. His Belgian team-mate Jaak van Velthoven won eight times in Trophee des Nations and four times with the MXoN.

Harry Everts won the MXoN on two occasions and the Trophee des Nations six times. Sylvain Geboers, Gaston Rahier and Torsten Hallman won four times in Trophee des Nations, with Geboers adding two MXoN victories and Rahier one. Surprisingly, Hallman never won the MXoN.

Olle Petersson, Johnny O’Mara and Joel Robert won three times at the Trophee des Nations, O’Mara winning four times in the MXoN, Robert and Petersson just once in the MXoN.

MXoN and Trophee des Nations winners

1. Roger De Coster 6 MXoN 10 Trophee des Nations Belgium = 16 in total
2. Jaak van Velthoven 4 MXoN 8 Trophee des Nations Belgium = 12 in Total
3. Jeff Ward 7 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations USA = nine in total
4. Jeff Smith 7 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations Great Britain = nine in total
5. Harry Everts 2 MXoN 6 Trophee des Nations Belgium = eight in total
6. David Bailey 5 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations USA = seven in total
7. Johnny O’Mara 4 MXoN 3 Trophee des Nations USA = seven in total
8. Sylvain Geboers 2 MXoN 4 Trophee des Nations Belgium = six in total
9. Stefan Everts 5 MXoN Belgium = five in total
10. Gaston Rahier 1 MXoN 4 Trophee des Nations = five in total
11. Ake Jonsson 3 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations – five in total
12. Andre Malherbe 3 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations = five in total

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