Dean Wilson interview – MXoN

Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson will line up for Team Great Britain at this year’s Monster Energy Motocross of Nations and you can be sure he will be one of the leading riders come Sunday night. The Scottish rider, who won an AMA 250 motocross championship in 2011, has had tough times, but at the MXoN he usually shines.

Since his debut year in 2009, when he rode as not only an MXoN rookie, but that event was his first professional race. He has scored 6-8-9-27-3-5-6-8 in his past performances, and helped Team GB to fourth place on two occasions.

This year however Team Great Britain come in as one of the favourites, and with Wilson, Tommy Searle and Max Anstie all big event riders, you can be sure they will rise to the occasion.

We were lucky enough to find Wilson at the Mark Chamberlain work-shop where he is preparing for the biggest race of the year.

MXLarge: First tell me, you are back in England. You are Scottish, but from what I can gather you grew up in Canada and now live in America. Does it feel like you are back home?

Wilson: Yes, it does. It’s nice to be back here. I am going back to Scotland next week and I am looking forward to that, and see some friends. It’s nice with the cooler weather, because it’s pretty hot in Florida right now. A bit of rain, it’s just nice. It’s also refreshing for me.

MXlarge: I saw a video of you riding on some garden track in England. What is that like, because you probably have a lot of nice facilities to ride at in Florida and here in the UK you are riding on a garden track?

Wilson: Its fun, I love riding new tracks, and riding a garden track, it’s still good practice. With the moisture out here, the tracks are pretty good. I am enjoying it and it’s a breath of fresh air for me.

MXlarge: You have ridden the MXoN a handful of times, the first time for Canada in 2009, from memory you won the B-Final. How was that first one?

Wilson: It was pretty insane for me, I had never ridden a pro-race before and I was in shock from how many fans were there and the track. It was pretty cool and a big learning experience for me. The start of my pro-career, and I really enjoyed it.

MXlarge: Your first pro-race the motocross of Nations, that’s crazy.

Wilson: Yep, it is, but it was really enjoyable.

MXlarge: I think you have ridden four times and people might forget how good you usually do at this event. You have always been around top five or top ten and it isn’t easy being in those position in that event.

Wilson: I don’t think I have shown my full potential at this race. I sometimes struggle with the track or whatever. Hopefully this year we can run up front and Team GB gets us on the podium. With a little help from the fans and I am feeling really good on the bike and I am healthy.

MXlarge: When you look at the teams, there is talk that Clement Desalle might be out of Team Belgium because he got hurt on the weekend, Team France have problems and are now running with a World Enduro guy in their team. It seems like Great Britain’s chances are getting better and better. Do you think about that at all?

Wilson: I mean, you never know. I don’t pay attention to who is getting injured or who is in the teams. I am just concentrating on myself, my riding and my training. We all have to race at the des Nations and I can’t worry about what everyone else is doing and just do what we can do and work with my team-mates and help each other. I think we can do well, but we need to concentrate on ourself and not get involved in all the craziness.

MXlarge: What has been your stand out des Nations for you?

Wilson: Colorado wasn’t too bad in 2010. I was on a 250F, so under power, especially on a 250. 2011 was unfortunate, because that was the year I won my championship, but I broke my wrist the last round of the Outdoors and I didn’t know it was broken and rode 2011 (he finished with 9-27). 2014 might be my best in Latvia (went 3-5) and I think we got fourth. We had a podium, but Shaun Simpson snapped his chain.

MXLarge: You are having a good year, back on a factory bike, and I can imagine that has made you even hungrier, because you know the other side type of thing. You are in great form; do you feel like you are close to where you can be.

Wilson: A little bit, but there are still some things I am working on. I feel like it’s a building process and not just riding, but also the mental thing, when you ride up front and you know you belong, that is the bit that is hard to get back, but it’s coming back. I am looking forward to these races coming up and I want to go into next year feeling really good.

MXlarge: Jeffrey Herlings obviously came to the Nationals and did really well, then beat Eli at the USGP. Did you look at him and think the GP guys must be on it, and did that give you more motivation?

Wilson: No, I think Jeffrey is the best in the world at this moment. He is doing really well and you can tell he has a lot of confidence. Unfortunately, when I raced him I was really sick and could hardly finish the races. I think he is going to back fast at Matterley and one of the ones up front and hopefully I can stay up there with him.

MXlarge: Racing the des Nations, is it really important for you as a nationalist? I mean you see some guys not racing, Eli is too tired after a long season. How do you see it?

Wilson: I think it’s an honour to come to the des Nations, but I understand the fact he is tired, I have races as many races as him. That is why I came to the UK early, because I know the des Nations is being run here, and I have a house in Scotland and I have friends here, so I could come here early and make a really nice trip out of it. I think racing the des Nations is awesome and I love it, I think it’s going to really a lot of fun.


West Hare Scramble Championship

west hare scramble round 8

Purvines Racing's Axel Pearson has taken the Pro class win at round eight of the AMA Kenda SRT West Hare Scramble Championship held in Jericho, Utah.

Rain, and prime desert terrain welcomed back racers at Round 8 of series, hosted by the Sage Riders, the silt beds stood no chance against the rain and competitive bunch of racers.


The youth races kicked off first thing in the morning as the first race of the day, the Pee Wee race, saw a win from Ryker Sperry after battling it out in the first lap with Breckin Beard. Breckin took home a 2nd place with Grady Ballow in 3rd.

The second race of the day saw the eldest of the youth riders, the Big Wheel class. Mason Matthies held the lead the entire race. being the first to see the checkered flag, with Kyle Kerling behind in a close 2nd! Meanwhile Davin Rhodes, Porter Black, and Heston Wood battled for 3rd. The Big Wheel podium saw Matthies in 1st, Kerling in 2nd, and Wood in 3rd!

west hare scramble round 8a


The Women podium saw a win from Sharon Mowell, with her sister Heather Mowell in 2nd and Bailee Lucas in 3rd. Heather took 3rd off of the start and worked her way up to 2nd on the podium next to 1st place Sharon Mowell. Sharon had an awesome start, taking the holeshot off of the line! She maintained the lead throughout the race, earning her 1st place spot on the podium and also contributing to her place in leading points for the remainder of the season!

west hare scramble round 8women

Pro 250

The Pro 250 podium saw a 1st place from Cole Canaster, 2nd place from Clayton Gerstner, and 3rd place from SRT backed JT Baker! Baker was 3rd off of the start until he ended up in a battle with a few other racers. The switch up between hard packed sand and silt beds, Baker made it back up to 3rd place and held that position for the remainder of the race.

Unlike Baker, Clayton Gerstner did not have the best start. Falling back to last place off of the start line, Gerstner was able to make up the time and bump himself up to 2nd place on the podium next to 1st place Cole Canaster. Racing behind Tayson Weeks, Canaster was able to steal the lead and make his mark on the Pro 250 podium!

west hare scramble round 8250


As for the Pro race, which happened to be the most eventful race of the day, the Pro podium ended up seeing an overall win from Purvines Racing backed Axel Pearson with teammate Nick Burson in a very close 2nd place! Pearson got the holeshot off of the start line and held the lead throughout the course with Burson creeping up close behind!

Toughing it out on the brutal course, Burson and Pearson had some well earned spots on the podium. After a series of unexpected events, Beta rider Max Gerston took 3rd place on the Pro Podium. The EnduroCross racer did his best throughout the technical areas like the rocks and trees but came across difficulty in the sand. All in all, each racer earned their place on the podium and put up a battle while doing so. The Sage Riders could not have welcomed back these racers in a better way!



27th Annual Vet Homecoming Race

DC Vet Homecoming Returns to High Point Raceway on September 16 and 17


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The 27th Annual DC Vet Homecoming presented by Lojak's Cycle Sales returns to Mount Morris, Pennsylvania on September 16 and 17, for a throwback of epic proportions as the veterans of motocross are set to take over the legendary High Point Raceway for a fun-filled weekend of racing and off-track activities. 

On Saturday, September 16, High Point Raceway will host a Grand Prix/Moto-X-Country race, featuring a mix of obstacles including grass track, woods sections and portions of the motocross track. Registration for the GP race begins at 8 a.m., with practice at 10 a.m. and racing to follow. Racing will consist of two 30-minute motos over a two-and-a-half mile course. For a complete list of Grand Prix classes, click HERE

Registration for Sunday's DC Vet Homecoming motocross race begins at 7 a.m., with practice to follow at 9 a.m. For a detailed list of Vet Homecoming classes, click HERE. The race entry fee for both days is $40 for the first class, and $30 for each additional class, per day. Registration for both Saturday and Sunday's racing will take place at the event. 

The DC Vet Homecoming commemorates the life and career of Dave Coombs. To honor Big Dave's passion and commitment to the veteran motocross community, Sunday's Vet Homecoming offers classes for vet ages 25+, 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ and 60+ with a variety of options for different skill levels. 


Of course a Vet themed race wouldn't be complete without a special division for vintage bikes. Three vintage classes will be offered including Retro (1986-1996 Front Disk/Rear Drum), Millennium (Pre-2006 Dual Disc) and Twin Shock (Pre-1975/1975+ Dual Drum). Support divisions including 65cc Open, 85cc Open, and 18+ will also be offered on Sunday, creating a family-fun atmosphere for all ages. In addition to the action on the racetrack, the weekend will boast entertainment for all members of the family. After the racing action on Saturday, kick back at the track with karaoke music entertainment, along with a $5 barbecue dinner for everyone. Bench racing, retro films and corn hole also accompany the dinner, along with a bonfire—welcoming families to bring marshmallows and s'mores to enjoy all evening long.

The Vintage Contests are back again this year as well, offering some great prizes to the winners. All participants have to do is register their vintage item at the MX Sports display located in Sponsor Village by 11 a.m. on Sunday. Winners will be announced at Intermission. Vintage contest categories are: Vintage Race Gear, Oldest Race Program, Vintage T-Shirt, Best Old-School Trophy, Furthest Traveled Competitor, and Oldest Competitor. The winner of each category will receive a free one-year subscription to Racer X Illustrated, as well as two (2) all day pit passes to the 2018 High Point Pro Motocross National. And for being so awesome, the Furthest Traveled Competitor will receive two (2) VIP Super Passes to the 2018 High Point National, a $400 value.

If you're not into racing your vintage bike, but you still want to be a part of the festivities, you can show it off at the Vintage Bike Show, taking place Sunday alongside the "Swap Meet," where everyone is encouraged to bring out vintage gear and race items to sell, swap or barter. With a total of seven categories, the Vintage Bike Show has an option for everyone: Classic Four Stroke (pre-1996), Classic Two Stroke (pre-1970), Golden Era (1970-1978), Pre-Modern Era (1978-1982), Modern Era (1982-1989), Millennium Era (1990-2005) and Mini Cycle 0-70cc (Pre-1990).

"DC" was Big Dave Coombs, one of the most influential motorcycle enthusiasts in the history of motocross and off-road racing. Together with his wife and partner Rita, from their home in Morgantown, West Virginia, were the driving force behind the creation of motocross and off-road motorcycle racing as we know it today. 

As professional motocross privateer-turned-event-promoter, Big Dave Coombs was the co-founder of not only High Point Raceway and Steel City Raceway, but the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch, the Grand National Cross Country Series (GNCC), the National Promoters Group (NPG), the ATV Motocross National Championship (ATVMX), the legendary Blackwater 100, and much, much more. His legacy extends to the foundation of MX Sports Pro Racing, organizers of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, as well as Racer Productions, Racer X Illustrated, and Racer X Online. Big Dave Coombs passed on August 3, 1998 after losing his battle with leukemia. He was 57 years old. 
Adult (12+) gate admission is $25 for the full weekend and $10 for kids (6-11), with kids five and under free. Gates open on Friday, September 15 at 6 p.m. and close nightly from midnight until 6 a.m. Camping is included with the admission fee.

To get to the raceway from Pittsburgh or Morgantown take I-79 to PA Exit 1, and proceed three miles to the gate entrance. From Hagerstown take I-70 west to I-68 west. Then take I-79 north to PA Exit 1 and follow the signs east three miles to the track. Big rigs should follow US 19 South and Rt. 100 after taking PA Exit 1.

For more information on the entire race weekend please call (304) 284-0084 or visit the official website at Also follow High Point Raceway on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for exclusive content and to catch the latest news.


Red Bull Megawtt...3 Straight for Walker


Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

For the third year straight, Jonny Walker has won the Red Bull 111 Megawatt in Poland.

Putting to rest what’s been a tough season so far, Walker delivered the goods to claim the top step of the podium. 

Holding off a late attack from Mario Roman in the dying moments of the race, Walker was able to get his bike across the line first to take the win.

“It came right down to the wire, but I’m so happy to come away with the win,” told Walker. “I had a bit of a lead coming into the final boulder garden but my rear moose had fallen apart at that stage and I had hardly any grip. 

“My bike fell into a hole and I thought it was game over then. I managed to pull it out and go shoulder-to-shoulder with Mario in the final few yard just to beat him across the line.

“It’s been a year since I last won a hard enduro race, I feel like now I’ve put the bad luck that’s been chasing me behind me. I’m looking forward to what Red Bull Sea to Sky will bring in two weeks time.”

The main race got underway at 1.11pm and it was Paul Bolton who blasted off the line first. As they headed out into motocross section and then the endurocross section, the positions changed with Walker out front as they headed out into the furthest reaches of the coal mine. 

On return it was Manuel Lettenbichler with the lead with Wade Young, Walker and Gomez chasing hard.


mario.roman Megawatt 2017 03422 1200

Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

By lap two, Young was keen to show his hand and picked up the pace to move into the lead, looking to make a break he tried to up his pace as they ended the lap.

But a leaky radiator saw him drop out of the race and with that Walker took charge. Despite a fading rear moose, Walker hung onto his advantage, arriving to the finishing arena in front. 

But the dramatic ending kept everyone on edge to see who would take the chequered flag first. Walker did so to record his hat trick as Roman — mirroring last year’s result — shadowed him across the line for second.

“I’m happy with second,” told Roman. “My start wasn’t so good and then on lap two I got stuck in a mud hole which cost me come time. 

“I came into the finishing arena and thought maybe there was a chance for the win but it wasn’t too be.”

Behind the leading duo, Graham Jarvis secured the final step of the podium. Always in touch throughout the race, Jarvis proved yet again his sand riding skills are not in question.

“It’s been a good race,” said Jarvis. “I’d rather the win but a podium result I can be happy with. 

“It was a fast pace all race, everyone was pushing hard. I felt my fitness was good and I didn’t really fade at the end.”

Putting in a solid ride, Alfredo Gomez took fourth with Manuel Lettenbichler rounding out the top five.

Neck and neck across the line, David Cyprian claimed sixth with Billy Bolt three hundredths of a second behind him in seventh.

Hard enduro returns to action in two weeks time with the Red Bull Sea to Sky in Turkey, September 28-30.




Cairoli Wins 9th World Title!

Cairoli world MXGP champ

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Antonio Cairoli has won the 2017 MXGP world championship, his ninth world title in his illustrious career. The Italian finished second in the opening MXGP moto to Jeffrey Herlings, but he actually battled the Dutchman until the very last corner, just losing by a second. Herlings who had started around 10th, won the moto from Cairoli and Anstie, who passed Romain Febvre in the last lap.

“We ride very good today, I didn’t want to ride for the points, I wanted to ride for the win. It was a good battle with my team-mate and I can’t wait for the second moto.”

Cairoli a massive holeshot as Gajser, Febvre, Bobryshev, Van Horebeek, Strijbos, Anstie, Herlings, Desalle and Paulin chase him.

Herlings quickly up to sixth place after half a lap, and then into fifth by lap one. Cairoli trying to make a point as he took a four second lead after one lap. Herlings flying as he blasted past Bobryshev and Van Horebeek. Now into fourth and going after Febvre and Gajser.

Two laps and Cairoli extended his lead to four and a half seconds, but Herlings all over Febvre and Gajser. He will be second in no time as he dominates this sand circuit.

Herlings into third, and all over Gajser. Gajser also closes in on Cairoli. Desalle down hard as he crashed off the track and hit the MotoGP metal fence. Out of the race for the tough Belgian as he walks back to the paddock.

Gajser and Herlings closing fast on Cairoli, and after four laps it was Cairoli, Gajser, Herlings, Febvre, Van Horebeek, Anstie, Strijbos, Paulin, Coldenhoff, and Bobryshev in 10th.

The top four guys have 14 world titles between them, Cairoli eight, Gajser two, Herlings three and Febvre one. Just shows the amazing depth of the MXGP class.

Herlings brushes Gajser out of the way, and sets out after Cairoli. While he was four seconds behind after seven laps, you could feel Herlings slowly closing in on the leader. Gajser ran off the track and slowed, but his third place was still safe.

Herlings now two seconds behind Cairoli and sure to take the lead within a lap or two. Herlings went to pass Cairoli, but the Italian runs the Dutchman wide, looks over and blocks him again. Half a lap later Herlings went into the lead, but not before Cairoli blocked him a couple of times. Once in the lead he was gone.

Van Horebeek into the pit area, and after 11 laps it was Herlings, Cairoli, Gajser, Febvre, Anstie, Strijbos, Coldenhoff, Paulin, Bobryshev, and Leok.

Gajser a massive crash as he landed front wheel first and the bike landed on him. He got up, but was not looking well.

After 13 laps the lead was nearly three seconds, but Cairoli wants a moto win for his world championship. Gajser out of the race as he rode back to the paddock. Not a great way to see his world championship change hands to Cairoli. Amazing the fourth and fifth guys in the championship points out of the moto (Gajser and Desalle).

Cairoli closed down on Herlings a little, can the Italian win the moto and the world title at the same time? Are we about to see another piece of Cairoli magic?

Cairoli backed it down, and Herlings turned it up a notch, and extended his lead to more than four seconds.  Again Cairoli gets the distance to three seconds. With a few laps to go, is the legend working on catching his KTM team-mate?

Febvre stalled his bike but got going again in third place, and Cairoli closed up to two seconds behind Herlings.

The lead was a second with two laps to go. Cairoli working through the lapped riders and not having it all his own way, but still he closed in on Herlings. Two GP legends going at it.

Last lap and they go past Nagl in 10th place. Herlings wins it, from Cairoli as the Italian drops his bike and the celebration begins. Hundreds of fans joining the champagne spraying.



MXGP Results Assen

Herlings wins Assen

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Jeffrey Herlings is really dominating the MXGP class at the moment as he went 1-1 for the victory at his home Grand Prix, at the MotoGP circuit in Assen. It is the fifth overall win in the last six weeks (including his AMA National overall).

The Dutchman, who has won the GP of Lommel, GP of Switzerland, GP of USA and now GP of Assen is possibly riding better than ever. Second overall was Romain Febvre with 4-3 and third overall was Max Anstie with 2-4. Antonio Cairoli went 2-6 after crashing in the second moto.

Jeffrey Herlings: It’s been a really good one,” Herlings said. “We won both motos, first one was tough, had a bad start. Second one we made some changes and it was really good. Thanks to KTM for putting such a good bike these last races. I just missed the boat this season, but I want to win again in France and go to des Nations. I basically won all the sand races this year, apart from Ottobiano when I was sick. I am veery happy about my weekend, won qualification, and two motos. Great birthday present for Tuesday.

Romain Febvre: I was third all the moto but got passed by Max Anstie on the finish lap. I made a mistake and just wanted to get points to get on the podium. I was fourth, and closed the gap to second, I thought I could pass Max Nagl, but I couldn’t. One round to go, but we are happy where we are.

Max Anstie: It was tough, this track was one of the toughest I have ridden, like a beach race. It was so soft. I did what I could. I came from 8th or 9th in the first moto. Making progress and nice to be on the box.

Nagl led the second MXGP moto ahead of Febvre, Lupino, Van Horebeek, Herlings, Strijbos, Cairoli, Anstie, Paulin, and Kullas.

After a lap and Herlings was into second, then into first by lap two. Herlings pace is just ridiculous. After two laps it was Herlings, Nagl, Van Horebeek, Febvre, Anstie, Cairoli, Paulin, Strijbos, Lupino and Leok in 10th. Searle out of the race and Coldenhoff 25th after going down in the second corner. Searle out of the race with a bruised ankle.

Cairoli pushed past Anstie for sixth place, and the lead by Herlings was four seconds after four laps.

Cairoli on a mission as he passed Van Horebeek, then Febvre and was onto Nagl for second. Herlings lead was 10 seconds after seven laps.

Herlings extended his lead to 15 seconds after nine laps, then Nagl, Cairoli, Febvre, Van Horebeek, Anstie, Paulin, Strijbos, Lupino and Leok.

Not a lot happening in the middle of the moto, as Herlings continues to lead by 15 seconds to Nagl, Cairoli, Febvre, Van Horebeek, Anstie, Strijbos, Paulin, Lupino, and Leok.

Herlings clocked off some quick lap times and was suddenly 23 seconds ahead of Nagl, with Herlings 27 seconds back. Leok passed Lupino for ninth place and Kullas also past the Italian.

Anstie pushing for a top four in the moto and also for a podium finish. The British rider was all over Van Horebeek, and Febvre was also close. After 18 laps Herlings lead was 32 seconds, and then Cairoli went down and passed by Febvre, Anstie and Van Horebeek. The crash also took Cairoli off the podium, as Herlings wins the moto the GP.

MXGP – Overall Classification

1 84 Herlings, Jeffrey NED KNMV KTM 25 25 50
2 461 Febvre, Romain FRA FFM YAM 18 20 38
3 99 Anstie, Max GBR ACU HUS 20 18 38
4 222 Cairoli, Antonio ITA FMI KTM 22 15 37
5 12 Nagl, Maximilian GER DMSB HUS 11 22 33
6 22 Strijbos, Kevin BEL FMB SUZ 16 14 30
7 21 Paulin, Gautier FRA MCM HUS 13 13 26
8 7 Leok, Tanel EST EMF HUS 12 12 24
9 777 Bobryshev, Evgeny RUS MFR HON 14 7 21
10 259 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KNMV KTM 15 6 21


Red Bull Megawatt

jonny.walker Megawatt 2017 01578 1200

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

The fourth edition of the Red Bull 111 Megawatt is in full swing with Jonny Walker provisionally topping the time sheets for Saturday’s qualification.

A firm lover of the soft sands of the Megawatt coal mine, Walker made his winning intentions known early by clocking in the fastest times to take pole position for Sunday’s main race.

Ending his day quickest over the 1200 riders entered, Walker is hoping to make it a hat trick of wins come Sunday evening.

“It was good fun out there,” told Walker. “I always enjoy this place, the motocross test is wide open flat out stuff. A real blast to ride.

“It’s great to have the fastest time, but the front row start is most important. Tomorrow will be tough, it was a real dog fight last year. It would be cool to take a hat trick of wins here.”

Just four seconds behind Walker, Wade Young means business too. Back up to speed following his Romaniacs crash, The Sherco rider is clearly on pace in Poland.

“I feel good now,” said Young. “I’m back to 100 per cent, physically, just a little race rusty. But I think I’ll be ok for Sunday.”


benjamin.herrera Megawatt 2017 00321

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Chile’s Ben Herrera was one rider not feeling the effects of last week’s ISDE having hung around to race Megawatt and with it set the third fastest time. 

Herrera looked comfortable in the sand and is keen for what tomorrow will bring.

“It’s my first time here and even though I’ve just raced the ISDE I’m feeling ok,” confirmed Herrera.

“We ride a lot in the sand at home so I feel comfortable with it.”


action Megawatt 2017 01446 1200

Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

Making his Megawatt debut, Billy Bolt has got his sand riding dialled in with fourth fastest.

“That was a bit of fun," said Bolt. “The cross test was fastest and loose. I’m getting used to riding at that pace. I’m keen for tomorrow, just going to see how lap one pans out then take it from there.”

Completing the provisional top five was Manuel Lettenbichler with Mario Roman right behind in sixth.

Sunday’s main race gets underway at 13.11.


Legends of MXDN

Roger DeCoster – MXoN Legend


Team USA rider Jeff Ward and Jeff Smith of Team Great Britain have won the prestigious Motocross des Nations more than any other rider in the history of the event, with seven victories each.

Iif you combine both MXoN (500cc) and Trophee des Nations (250cc), then you have Roger DeCoster standing tall as the greatest rider of these team events with a massive 16 wins in total.

Unfortunatly the Trophee des Nations ended in 1984, thus not giving riders like Ward, Smith, David Bailey, Stefan Everts or many others the chance to extend their team victories.

Roger DeCoster won an amazing 10 Trophee des Nations, and six MXoN victories. His Belgian team-mate Jaak van Velthoven won eight times in Trophee des Nations and four times with the MXoN.

Harry Everts won the MXoN on two occasions and the Trophee des Nations six times. Sylvain Geboers, Gaston Rahier and Torsten Hallman won four times in Trophee des Nations, with Geboers adding two MXoN victories and Rahier one. Surprisingly, Hallman never won the MXoN.

Olle Petersson, Johnny O’Mara and Joel Robert won three times at the Trophee des Nations, O’Mara winning four times in the MXoN, Robert and Petersson just once in the MXoN.

MXoN and Trophee des Nations winners

1. Roger De Coster 6 MXoN 10 Trophee des Nations Belgium = 16 in total
2. Jaak van Velthoven 4 MXoN 8 Trophee des Nations Belgium = 12 in Total
3. Jeff Ward 7 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations USA = nine in total
4. Jeff Smith 7 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations Great Britain = nine in total
5. Harry Everts 2 MXoN 6 Trophee des Nations Belgium = eight in total
6. David Bailey 5 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations USA = seven in total
7. Johnny O’Mara 4 MXoN 3 Trophee des Nations USA = seven in total
8. Sylvain Geboers 2 MXoN 4 Trophee des Nations Belgium = six in total
9. Stefan Everts 5 MXoN Belgium = five in total
10. Gaston Rahier 1 MXoN 4 Trophee des Nations = five in total
11. Ake Jonsson 3 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations – five in total
12. Andre Malherbe 3 MXoN 2 Trophee des Nations = five in total


Bogle to JGRMX


The Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team is proud to announce the signing of Weston Peick and Justin Bogle for the 2018 supercross/motocross season.

Weston Peick has been a valued part of the Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) program since 2015, and he continues to make significant progress. The Wildomar, Calif. native was in top form during the early rounds of the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series, until a wrist injury sidelined him. Weston returned for the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series, where he scored top-ten finishes in 14 motos and ended the series in eighth overall.

“I couldn’t be happier to sign with JGR again for 2018,” said Peick. “They’ve believed in me for several years. I have the utmost confidence that together we accomplish great things, and I plan on continuing my career with them long past 2018. I’m eager to ride the all-new 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450 and begin testing for the upcoming season.”

Justin Bogle will move from the folded RCH team to the JGR team for 2018. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Justin Bogle joins the Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team hot on the heels of an impressive summer. The Cushing, Oklahoma, native won two motos, the Budds Creek National overall, and finished sixth in the final standings. It’s no secret that Bogle, the 2014 AMA 250 SX Eastern Regional Champion, has the talent and speed to excel in both disciplines.

“I’m obviously very excited to be on the team, and I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity,” Bogle said. “It has been a rough couple of years, but things are starting to turn around. I’m very happy with my program, my training, and my personal life. This is all coming together at the perfect time. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have been ready for this chance two years ago. As cliché as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. I have learned from my struggles and have grown as a result. I’m excited to be working with an incredible team of people, and I feel good about our chances in 2018.”

Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing team manager Jeremy Albrecht is elated to have Weston Peick and Justin Bogle under the JGR tent for 2018. “This next season is shaping up to be a great year. Weston has made huge strides since joining the JGR squad. His never-say-die attitude and commitment to his craft embody what JGR is all about.” Albrecht continued, “Justin Bogle has been a revelation this summer. It’s obvious that he has the skills and dedication required to be on the top step of the podium, and I’m confident in his abilities.”


Tickle To Red Bull KTM

Broc Tickle Signs To Red Bull KTM

One-Year Deal With Factory Team


Red Bull KTM has confirmed that Broc Tickle will join the team for the 2018 race season. The deal comes after an eventful time for both the rider and team, as Tickle’s past employer RCH closed shop following the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship and Red Bull KTM had both Ryan Dungey and Trey Canard announce their retirements from racing in the middle of the year.

We’ve spoken with Tickle briefly about the new deal, which is currently for one year and will include a residency at Aldon Baker’s program in Florida. With this, Tickle will train alongside teammate Marvin Musquin and Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson and Zach Osborne.

Tickle, a former 250 West Coast SX champion, has improved each year in the 450 class and has become a contender for the podium at every round.

The full press release from Red Bull KTM is posted below…

KTM Motorsports is pleased to officially welcome Broc Tickle to the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team for the 2018 season. Tickle will race aboard a KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION alongside teammate Marvin Musquin for the AMA 450 Supercross Championship and AMA 450 Pro Motocross Championship.

The 28-year-old Michigan native claimed an AMA Supercross Lites West Championship in 2011, along with a host of career podium and top-five finishes over the years. Tickle has proved his merit as a 450 class podium contender, most recently capturing a pair of third place finishes in 2017 at Toronto Supercross and High Point MX National.

Tickle missed the second half of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship due to a shoulder injury but he is READY TO RACE into the 2018 race season, beginning with the Monster Energy Cup and Red Bull Straight Rhythm in October.

Tickle:"I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to work with Roger, Ian and the whole Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team. With the success both European and US teams have had in recent years on the new KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION, I'm really looking forward to the chance to race the KTM for myself. The results and numerous championships they've earned speaks volumes for the brand and I'm really hoping to make the most of this awesome opportunity.I'm especially excited to train at Bakers Factory with Aldon Baker and alongside my new teammate Marvin (Musquin). This is the first time in my pro career that I'm in an all-encompassing training program where riding coaching, fitness training and riding alongside some of the fastest guys in the sport are all a part of my daily routine. I really want to take full advantage of everything being offered and show what I believe I am capable of."

Roger De Coster: "We have always seen a lot of potential in Broc and we look forward to giving him every tool available to our team to be successful and make the most of this opportunity. We feel Broc's demeanor and personality both on and off the track are a good fit to be Marvin's teammate and hope they work well both riding and training together."