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Chad Reed Still Going!

Team CR22 Husqvarna mounted privateer racing himself into shape five rounds in.

Five rounds into the 2018 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season, there’s no doubt that Chad Reed wouldn’t be satisfied with 14th in the standings. But considering his ankle injury sustained in the pre-season that’s limited preparations and the fact that he’s on a privateer Team CR22 Husqvarna for this year, he can expect to gain strength as the season goes on following P14 in Oakland.



AMA Enduro Championship Victory for Baylor

AMA Enduro Championship Victory for Baylor

Steward Baylor has won the opening ground of the 2018 AMA Enduro Championship.

KTM stole all three main event podium positions at Sunday’s Sumter National Enduro in Wedgefield, South Carolina. Baylor edged out Josh Toth for the win with Ben Kelley a career-best finish of third.

Baylor commanded an early lead as he won the opening test at Sumter’s sandy-course. With a series of consistent top-three test finishes (2-1-1-3-2) the KTM rider controlled the day finishing 18 seconds ahead of Toth on the overall time.

Thad DuVall challenged Baylor early on, finishing second in the first test. However, an electrical problem in test three forced the West Virginia rider out of the race.

Toth finished third in test one, which set the tone for a consistent day of racing from there (1-2-3-1-1). Baylor and Toth would swap test-wins throughout the rest of the afternoon, each rider taking three for the day.

Toth said after the race: “I rode well all day and stayed in control and consistent, which is pretty tough at the enduros. I am super excited to have such a good race today and feel so comfortable on the bike. It definitely brings me a lot of confidence moving into the season.”

Despite a few challenges along the way, Ben Kelley was able to bag himself a career best third. Kelley bagged top-ten positions in each of the six tests, where he finished as high as third in tests two and three.

More than 850 riders entered the Sumter event, which is a series record. Riders from as far away as Quebec, Canada and both coasts of the United States for some South Carolina sand riding.


AMA ENDURO Pro2 podium round 1 Enduro21 560

Photo Credit: Shan Moore

Ryder Lafferty claimed the win in the new NE Pro2 class, edging Nathan Ferderer by 13 seconds. Third place finisher Zach Hayes was another minute back.

In the Women’s Elite class MacKenzie Tricker got off to a great start to the season with a solid win, topping last year’s champ Tayla Jones by almost a minute and a half. Eden Netelkos was third ahead of Jennifer Sheppard and Jocelyn Barnes.

The Kenda AMA National Enduro Series returns to action with the Cajun Classic, round two of the series on March 4th in Forest Hill, Louisiana.

Pro Class Results:

  1. Steward Baylor Jr., KTM, 2:19:35.237

  2. Josh Toth, KTM, 2:19:53.612

  3. Ben Kelley, KTM, 2:22:06.894

  4. Trevor Bollinger, HON, 2:22:26.523

  5. Cory Buttrick, HQV, 2:23:00.710


King of the Motos

Cody Webb Wins 2018 King Of The Motos

Cody Webb has won all three races aboard a KTM 250 XC-W TPI to take home the King Of The Motos crown.

The first moto took place on Saturday evening as riders competed on a 12-mile loop in the dark using GPS navigation through the Californian rocks. How cool does the night race look?


King of the motos Enduro21 Night moto 560

Photo Credit: Visionsbykathy/Nicole Dreon

Moto two took place on Sunday morning with an extreme five-mile loop, this time following a marked course.

The third moto was the toughest with over 100 miles of racing using GPS routes again. Webb was in fact the only rider to complete the gruelling final moto in six hours and 45 minutes to claim the “King of the Motos” title ahead of Colton Haaker.

Webb said after the race: “I had a near-perfect weekend. I got the triple crown, I won all three motos and I was the only rider to complete two-full laps. The new KTM 250 XC-W TPI was awesome, I had no issues all day besides some confusion with a checkpoint late in the race, but other than that it was a mistake-free race. I was really happy to redeem myself after losing in the final stages of the race last year. It was a great finish and it’s good to be the King of Motos champ again."

Pro Class Results:

  1. Cody Webb
  2. Colton Haaker
  3. Noah Kepple
  4. Max Gerston
  5. Mitch Carvolth
  6. Evan Ask
  7. Eric Slominski
  8. Justin Morgan
  9. Tyler Kinkade
  10. David Kamo

Marvin Speaks

Marvin Musquin interview

Posted on February 05, 2018


During the offseason heading up to the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship season, Red Bull / KTM’s Marvin Musquin was untouchable, winning the Red Bull / Straight Rhythm, the Paris-Bercy SX and the Monster Energy Cup—also 1 million dollars for the sweep. For some, Marvin was the odds on favorite for the 2018 450SX Championship, and after he came from behind the win the 2018 Anaheim 1 SX main event, those odds got even better. But in an instant everything can change in SX, and just one week later, the Frenchman injured his shoulder in a crash in Houston and his Championship hopes were all but over.

To start the year, though, Marvin’s Championship hopes were not the only thing talked about. Over the last few years, Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin and Jason Anderson all trained together with Aldon Baker, and to everyone’s surprise it was quite the harmonious trio. But with the four time 450X Champ, Dungey, retiring and leaving the crown up for grabs, there were suddenly whispers about there being some trouble in paradise between Musquin and Anderson at The Baker’s Factory.

It was well known that Jason had opted to train in California for ’18 instead of in Florida with Aldon, Marvin, Broc Tickle and 250 rider Zach Osborne, but when asked why, Jason would always shoot down the rumors of any animosity between himself and Marvin and simply say something like, I’m still training with Aldon, but I just wanted a change. In every interview, they would both quickly dispel any negative rumors out there, but then came Jason’s dirty pass on Marvin this weekend in Oakland.

For years the #21 and the #25 have been battling for wins and podiums, but it has always been ultra clean between the two. In Oakland last night, though, Jason took Marvin high in a bowl turn and ultimately to the ground while they were battling for third. It was definitely something we have seen from El Hombre a million times, but never against any of his training partners. Jason went on to win the main, while Marvin finished fourth.

After the race, we caught up to Marvin to talk about his Oakland SX and while still upset about Anderson’s pass, he opened up a little about his training mate leaving Florida.

Marvin, decent night for you overall? You had some issues, but rode well and ended up fourth on the main. How are you feeling about your night?

I’m bummed because I was in a good position and [Jason] Anderson came in hot and didn’t really turn. I was all the way up in the berm and nowhere to go. I lost my balance and I crashed. He was really aggressive and I went down and lost a couple of positions to [Blake] Baggett or something. 

Baggett and then Cole Seely because he crashed.

Yeah, then Seely crashed and I was right up behind him, and we passed each other a couple of times. I finally got around him and from there I was pretty much by myself. They were gone in front of me. I caught up to Baggett with I think two laps to go. It was hard to see because I was really focused on the ruts. At one point over the triple I looked and I wasn’t too far, but they stayed on two wheels—those three guys [Anderson, Ken Roczen and Baggett]. They could have made a mistake by the end. Fourth, I’m bummed. I was looking forward to getting back on the podium tonight. Overall, it was a good day. I had good practices, good starts and it was a positive day for sure. 

You are known for being good on technical tracks—we all know that—but this was something else tonight. What did you think of this track, I mean, compared to other tracks you’ve ridden?

Oh, for sure every single weekend is going to be different. This weekend was really soft. Rhythm sections were pretty nice. It made it really tough because of the ruts and the soft ground, but that’s what makes it tough, technical and what makes it fun to watch for the fans, obviously. (laughs) Like I said, overall physically it was tough, mentally too. I wanted to be really consistent. Besides that crash with Anderson, it was different. 

Is that aggressiveness from Jason something you have seen from him over the years while you guys are practicing together? Obviously, not in a race. We have never seen you guys get that aggressive with each other in a race before tonight.

He races for the Championship, but he’s not racing against me for the Championship right now. I’m not close to him in the Championship right now, but whatever. I guess “no friends on the track.” That’s how it is right now. (laughs)

How’s your health right now? How’s the shoulder injury you were dealing with after the crash in Houston?

Yeah, good. This week I was able to put in a lot of laps like I’m supposed to do on the program with Aldon [Baker]. I was happy. I’m still taping the shoulder to make sure it’s stable, but strength-wise it’s a lot better. Pain-wise: it’s nothing. I’m really happy. I missed basically two weeks of good riding. Obviously I can’t do too much at the gym with my upper body, but we try to keep up with the cardio and I can ride pretty good during the week. It’s not 100%, but it’s getting close right now, for sure. 

How tough was that injury to swallow? You were unbelievable during the offseason. You won A1 coming from behind, and it was looking like this might be your season. How tough was that at that point in time?

It shows you that it’s a tough sport and anything can happen. I was in a great position winning Anaheim—like you said—and it was a dream come true. Then a week later, it was a nightmare. We never give up, we try our best and that’s what we are doing. I’m pretty happy to be back feeling like myself again.

You and Jason have been friends and training partners for years. Is that incident with him tonight something you talk with him later about or is that something you just let go?

Well, the relationship is a lot different this year when he decided not to ride with me in practice. We have the same trainer and we’ve been training together for many years, but this year not having [Ryan] Dungey is a different situation—not in my eyes, but it is in his eyes. He decided not to ride with me. Now, obviously, he’s riding a little bit dirty on me. I don’t want to keep talking about that; we see it on the track I guess. (laughs) 

Alright Marvin, I appreciate the time and the talk. We’ll see you later.

Thank you. Have a good night.


Taddy wins in Spain

Posted on February 05, 2018


Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Taddy Blazusiak has won the Xtreme category of the 2018 Bassella Race 1 held in Spain, northwest of Barcelona. Taddy’s team-mate Jonny Walker rode to an excellent second place at the popular two-day event. 2017 E2 World Champion Josep Garcia placed fifth on his extreme race debut.

The Bassella Race 1 is one of Spain’s biggest enduros and traditionally kicks off the outdoor season for many competitors. Held over two days, the event is made up of several categories including extreme, enduro as well as youth and classic races. Popular with fans and competitors alike, over 1,500 riders entered the races with thousands of spectators attending the event.

Taddy Blazusiak got his outdoor season off to the perfect start. Returning to competition for 2018, primarily to contest the new World Enduro Super Series, Taddy’s performance at Bassella was almost flawless.

On the Saturday of the event, the extreme race was split up into two parts. Blazusiak finished runner-up in the first race before going one better in the second race of the day. On Sunday, Blazusiak rode the perfect race. Keeping his cool, despite being pressured by Jonny Walker and Alfredo Gomez, he crossed the line just 12 seconds ahead of team-mate Walker.

Taddy Blazusiak: “I’m so pumped to get the win here at Bassella. The event is awesome and the fans here are incredible too. On Saturday things went really well, I just took my time to get into a good rhythm and my pace improved as the day went on. On Sunday, things turned a little muddy after the rain overnight. It made riding a lot trickier but I loved every minute of it. I had a great battle with Jonny and Alfredo for the whole race but managed to stay in front at the line. It feels amazing to be racing outdoors again and to take the win makes it even sweeter.”

Jonny Walker pushed Taddy for the entire weekend. Finishing a close third in Saturday’s race, he improved to take the runner-up position on Sunday having fought Blazusiak every step of the way.

Jonny Walker: “That was a great race for me. As my first outdoor race of 2018, I couldn't have asked for more. I rode really well all weekend and to finish second is a real bonus. I rode the event to get more outdoor miles under my belt, but the whole weekend was really good fun. The Spanish fans were great and it’s nice to get such good support from everyone. My confidence is really high now for the next indoor in Malaga, in just under two-weeks’ time.”

2017 Enduro2 World Champion Josep Garcia joined Blazusiak and Walker. The young Spaniard rode superbly, finishing fifth on Sunday and ahead of some of the hard enduro regulars. With his 2018 season offering a range of disciplines, Garcia was very happy with his first extreme race.

Josep Garcia: “I’m super happy about my performance. To be able to mix it with the renowned extreme riders feels great. I have been trying to get as much time on the two-stroke as possible recently and really enjoyed riding Bassella on the TPI bike. The result gives me a real boost so I’ll keep working on my technique for the start of the WESS in May.”

Results – Bassella Race 1 Xtreme 2018, Spain

Day One

1. Taddy Blazusiak (POL), KTM, 47 points

2. Alfredo Gomez (ESP), Husqvarna, 45 pts

3. Jonny Walker (GBR), KTM, 40 pts

4. Wade Young (RSA), Sherco, 38 pts

5. Josep Garcia (ESP), KTM, 30 pts



New Rhythm Idea from Australia

Split Rhythm supercross concept to debut at Adelaide 500

Richardson, Waters, Metcalfe and more to contest innovative event.

Image: Supplied.

Adelaide 500 organisers have confirmed that a ‘Split Rhythm’ supercross will form part of the 2018 event between 1-3 March in South Australia.

In place of the Enduro-X events that have been staged in recent years, the 450-metre New Holland Split Rhythm concept will be more closely related to supercross in a world-first.

The Split Rhythm circuit will see riders launch out of the gates together through the first set of obstacles, before the track splits into a pair of standalone lanes in the mid-section. Two turns later and they rejoin side-by-side for the run to the line via a whoop section and final set of rhythms.

Adelaide 500 general manager Nathan Cayzer is excited to welcome the new attraction for the 20th anniversary event: “The Adelaide 500 offers so much more than just one race. We are constantly looking for new attractions to deliver a premium offering of entertainment for fans and 2018 will be no exception.

“In previous years we have seen Enduro-X and Super Enduro-X take the event by storm and I am excited announce that in 2018 fans can look forward to another innovative international two-wheeled attraction.”

Situated by the main entrance to the event, there will be plenty of New Holland Split Rhythm action across the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the event, with multiple sessions on all days for fans and newcomers to the sport.

Today’s announcement has confirmed the first group of racers set to compete in Adelaide, including Australian SX2 champion Jackson Richardson, America-bound Todd Waters, plus South Australian duo Brett Metcalfe and Luke Arbon. More are to be announced in the coming weeks.


Barcia Extension?

Yamaha extension in the works for in-form Barcia

Full supercross season on the cards following three podiums.


A revitalised Justin Barcia is expected to finish out the season with Monster Energy Knich Yamaha after claiming three Monster Energy AMA Supercross podiums in four races aboard the factory YZ450F.

Barcia, still only 25 years of age, has been a revelation this season in a six-race deal to deputise for Davi Millsaps, however his newfound form is almost certain to lead to a contract extension to complete the year.

Four rounds into the new season and Barcia has delivered a convincing haul of results for Yamaha to sit second in the point standings, nine out from current leader Jason Anderson (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) as teammate Cooper Webb is in P11 following his season-best eighth in Arizona.

“No news is good news, right?” Barcia commented post-race at Glendale, where he finished second in the 450SX main event. “No, I definitely plan on being with the Monster Energy Knich Yamaha team the rest of the season, for sure – definitely working on it.

“It’s been good for me, I think the whole six-race thing was just a great opportunity to show I still have that fire from a couple years ago… It’s been a while. All in all, I think it’s worked in Yamaha’s favour and mine. It’s great, so I hope to continue the relationship.”

After splitting with JGRMX at the end of last season and lining up in the Monster Energy Cup on a privateer Honda, the factory lifeline from Yamaha has led to a significant run in the early stages of 2018. He event contemplated retirement at one point before opting to race-on.

“You can go for a while in this career, but for me I needed to figure out if this is what I actually wanted or if I wanted to just retire, because I probably could have had an alright life retiring last year,” he added. “But for me, I just kind of had to take a little break and clear my head and think about things. I was going to go try to obviously race on my own because I still wanted to race, but luckily this opportunity at Yamaha came up.

“It just shows when you get your mental game back in check and you get a strong team behind you and a good, new motorcycle, I was given all the puzzle pieces and kind of just gluing them all together. I changed my training, I changed everything, but luckily mentally, I think going through those tough years made me a lot tougher of a person and able to get through stuff now. What I thought was hard back then is really not that bad.”


Cairoli Unbeatable in Italy

Posted on February 04, 2018


Red Bull KTM Factory rider Antonio Cairoli is simply ageless as he rolled into another season, with a 1-1 result in the opening International race of the season. The Sicilian was perfect in everything he did today, from his rocket starts, to his beautiful sand riding skills. While many people are looking at Jeffrey Herlings as the favourite for 2018, the nine time world champion has other ideas

Herlings as mentioned previously crashed in the opening moto, DNFed, and didn’t qualify for the superfinal, but no doubt, with only minor injuries, he will be back and arrive in Argentina healthy.

Max Anstie went 2-2 to show his MXoN performance was a good indication of what he is capable of. Also to shine on the day was Jeremy Van Horebeek with 3-4 results, and Romain Febvre with 5-3 results.

Cairoli once again led from the start of the superfinal, ahead of Anstie, Van Horebeek, Febvre, Jonass, Bernardini, Vaessen, Ostlund, Leok, Ravera, Coldenhoff, Paulin, Faccetti, Vlaanderen and Lawrence in 15th.

Febvre passed Van Horebeek to move into third place and Jonass remained in fifth place, while Lawrence dropped back to 38th. Nagl out early on his TM.

A similar race to the first one as Cairoli controlled the action, just as he so often does. A bit of an anti-climax with Herlings not competing in this race, and lets hope it isn’t all on way traffic in 2018, like the start of 2017. 

Surely Herlings will recover from his minor injuries and be hungry to turn the tables on the defending champion.

Amazing ride by Jonass in fifth place, with the next best MX2 guy is Vaesson in ninth, and Bernardini in 14th.

Also good to see two British flags in the top six, as its an Italian leading a Brit, then a Frenchman, Belgian, Latvian, Brit, Swiss, Estonian, Dutchman, and Frenchman in 10th. International this event sure is.

After six laps its Cairoli by less than a second over Anstie who is doing quicker lap times than the Italian and Febvre in third was also clicking off quicker lap times than Cairoli. Van Horebeek was 10 seconds back from the leader and Jonass a long way from the Belgian.

Cairoli though turned up the speed and got to six seconds ahead of Ansti, while four Yamahas followed in Febvre, Van Horebeek, Seewer and Simpson, with Jonass dropping back to 8th place.

Late in the race Seewer and Simpson dropped well back in the official results.

 Superfinal - Results

1 222 CAIROLI Antonio ITA MX1 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM 16 30:42.326 

 2 99 ANSTIE Max GBR MX1 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna 16 30:45.507 

 3 461 FEBVRE Romain FRA MX1 Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGPYamaha 16 31:04.644 

 4 89 VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy BEL MX1 Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGPYamaha 16 31:41.326 

 5 21 PAULIN Gauter FRA MX1 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna 16 31:50.346 

 6 1 JONASS Pauls LAT MX2 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MX2 KTM 16 32:01.271 

 7 7 LEOK Tanel EST MX1 Husqvarna 16 32:15.946 

 8 911 TIXIER Jordi FRA MX1 KTM 16 32:17.893 

 9 259 COLDENHOFF Glenn NED MX1 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM 16 32:28.399 

 10 98 VAESSEN Bas NED MX2 Honda 15 30:47.911





Anderson wins Oakland

Anderson wins Oakland

Posted on February 04, 2018


After recovering from a big crash in practice, Jason Anderson continues to be the favourite in this years AMA Suprcross championship after a stunning battle with Ken Roczen for the win in the Oakland Suprcross. Roczen had led the race with Anderson passing with two laps to g. The two exchanged the lead with the final pass going to Anderson.

Cole Seely took the holeshot from Roczen, Marvin Musquin, Blake Baggott, and Anderson, but Roczen passed Seely on the 11th lap and led for the next 12, before Anderson took the lead and went on to win.

Eli Tomac continued his mixed season with a 14th place finish after starting in seventh place, just ahead of Australian legend Chad Reed who had his best finish of the year in 14th.

In the championship points its Anderson 115, Roczen 100pts.

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